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The Child Shield, U.S.A. System is available in all 50 states across America and the District of Columbia. Parents, grandparents, and legal guardians who are truly serious about significantly increasing the personal security, safety and emergency preparedness of their child(ren), may purchase our proven system through their local authorized Child Shield, U.S.A. Representative, or directly through this website.

Listed below are some of the special features and benefits of the very unique Child Shield, U.S.A. system followed by pricing details for the one time enrollment registration fee and our ongoing monthly service fee, along with available payment options.

Our advanced child safety program could just save your child's life!

Features and Benefits Included in the System: All at No Additional Cost to a Registered Family

Our "Education for Prevention" Commitment

Monthly Physically Mailed Safety Newsletter Publication Called: "The SHIELD"
"Central Source" Website - www.ChildShieldUSA.com
E-Mail Information Hotline - admin@ChildShieldUSA.com
A Nationwide Network of Affiliates

The Child Shield, U.S.A. Missing Child Location System - Our Widespread Emergency Broadcast System - (W.E.B.S.)

- A Reward Of Up To $50,000.00 Is Posted For Information Leading To The Arrest & Conviction Of Anyone Criminally Involved In A Covered Child's Disappearance
- When Necessary, A Highly Trained Private Investigator Is Assigned To Assist With The Missing Child's Case
- A Video & Recent Photograph Of A Covered Missing Child Are Immediately Made Available to Law Enforcement, the Media, and Child Safety Groups
- Photographs Of A Covered Missing Child are Posted to our Website for Instant Access by Law Enforcement, the Media, and Community Groups

The Child Shield, U.S.A. Guarantee

We Will Issue Up To $60,000.00 in Emergency Response Benefits With No Waiting Period! and No Qualifications!
Parents must be proactive! Child Shield, U.S.A. is your partner and your back-up system.

The Child Shield, U.S.A. Investment

The One-Time Enrollment Registration Fee is just $399.00 per family!

This one-time registration enrollment fee covers all children in your family, plus those for whom you are the legal guardian, under 18 years of age, in your direct household at your physical residence address. Full time students, that meet the criteria above, are covered up until age 22 while still attending school.

The monthly service fee to keep all Emergency Response Benefits coverage in place is just $19.95 per month, per family.

This fee covers all children under 18 years of age, and students as described above, in a single household. This is a per household fee, not a per child fee!

At your discretion, the monthly service fee may be paid as a single annual payment of $199.50 saving you $39.90 per year.

All other benefits are provided at no additional cost to you!

As part of Child Shield, U.S.A.'s continued commitment to help parents, grandparents and legal guardians significantly increase the personal security, safety and emergency preparedness of their children and their families even more, we are very excited to introduce our brand new "My Virtual Bodyguard!" one time special upgrade option that works in direct conjunction with our basic missing child prevention membership program detailed above. For more details, please "double click" the light blue link below:

2016 "My Virtual Bodyguard!" Program Special Upgrade Offer

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Email: admin@childshieldusa.com
Phone: 1-800-OK-CHILD or 1-800-652-4453
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