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New President & CEO's Message

Thank you for your interest in Child Shield, U.S.A. My name is Alfred McComber.
I am the new President and Chief Executive Officer of Child Shield, U.S.A. I am extremely honored and blessed to be selected to take over the helm of this very unique child safety service company that has been "America's Protector of Children Since 1990."

The good news is the previous President of Child Shield, U.S.A., John Raskob and his lovely wife Robin, aren't going anywhere! They have years and years of "Institutional Knowledge" about Child Shield, U.S.A and child safety matters in general. They really know what works and what doesn't and they will both still be a major guiding part of the Child Shield, U.S.A. family. They will continue to be involved in the company as Executive Platinum Affiliates which is a new affiliate position that I have recently created within the company.

When me and my much better half, Robyn Day (see the photo to the right), first started seriously considering purchasing the company from John and Robin Raskob, we wanted to make sure that Child Shield, U.S.A. would be able to continue its' core mission and commitment to the thousands and thousands of families that have been protected by the program as well as the thousands and thousands of Affiliates that have been part of the nationwide affiliate network and have been directly responsible for the major growth of the company over the years by sharing information about Child Shield, U.S.A one family at a time.

As January 2015 arrives, Child Shield, U.S.A. is now celebrating their 25th anniversary! In that time, more than 1.9 million children have been protected by Child Shield, U.S.A.'s U.S. patent pending program with a proven track record of helping to keep children safer across the nation.

Unfortunately, with an average of more than 2,000 children being reported missing to local police agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) each and every day across America, there is no time to sit around celebrating as there is still so much more work and training to be done to help protect our young people and families in general. Today's kids really are the future of America.

For over 28 years I have been involved in both full-time and reserve sworn law enforcement, emergency preparedness operations and very high-level dignitary protection guarding numerous high profile royal family members, dignitaries, government officials, corporate executives and even famous celebrities.

Since 1994, I have also been the host of the Code Red! Radio show (www.CodeRedRadioShow.com) specifically dedicated to personal security, safety and emergency preparedness issues across America and around the world. The hour long daily show was previously available and broadcast during the morning drive line up Monday through Friday on the Fox News Radio Network local affiliate radio station in Washington, DC as well as a weekly broadcast on Federal News Radio in the nation's capital.

I know first-hand what it really takes to protect your entire family including children, grandchildren and other children that may be under your care. Proper child safety, security and family preparedness is NOT a one-time event. It's an ongoing process of risk assessment, threat analysis, situational awareness, real training and re-enforcing proper behavior with your children to help reduce the chances that your children will become needless victims of crime or even casualties from natural and/or man-made disasters.

In law enforcement and dignitary protection, one of the first things you learn as an academy recruit is "Be Prepared! Always Have A Back-Up, To The Back-Up's, Back-Up!" At Child Shield, U.S.A., we are your back-up, to the back-up's back-up! Through our powerful proven program of providing up-to-date safety and security education for children and parents first, then providing up to $60,000.00 in emergency response services that immediately go into effect if there is ever a missing child incident involving a covered child, we are your official "Virtual Personal Bodyguards" ready to swing into action with a prepared response plan at a moment's notice to help assist with any missing child crisis involving your children from infants all the way through college age students.

It is my personal commitment and vision to continue the Child Shield, U.S.A. legacy and to add even more valuable benefits and top notch services to help our clients better protect their children and all family members from a wide array of criminal attacks and natural/man-made disaster challenges as we live in a dangerous and often very violent world.

Be on the look-out for exciting news because during the coming months, Child Shield, U.S.A.will be introducing several exciting and very well known personal security, safety and emergency preparedness experts who will provide you with the latest tips, strategies and insight to increase your family's overall security, safety and disaster preparedness. There will be live and recorded webinars, video newsletters, expanded content, in-person training opportunities across the nation and a whole lot more and best of all, it's all included in your monthly low cost membership.

Lastly, as we move forward under new management and leadership, we have decided that Child Shield, U.S.A will be donating a portion of each sale of our product/service packages to a non-profit organization called "Just Yell Fire" based in Vancouver, WA. The organization is dedicated to combating violence against girls and young women and we are very excited to assist in their mission.

One child and one family at a time, you and Child Shield, U.S.A can make a difference and save countless young lives. Be sure to share this website with friends, neighbors, colleagues and associates. Doing so just could save a child's life!

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please get back with the person who referred you to this website. You can also call our national headquarters office any time toll-free at: 1-800-OK-CHILD or (1-800-652-4453).

Be Vigilant, Be Prepared, Be Safe!
Alfred McComber
New President & CEO
Child Shield, U.S.A

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Child Shield, U.S.A
1405 S. Fern Street #264
Arlington, VA 22202
Email: admin@childshieldusa.com
Phone: 1-800-OK-CHILD or 1-800-652-4453
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